O Psicodrama será a terapia do século XXI assim como a Psicanalise foi o do século XX.

Essa afirmação foi do próprio J.L. Moreno, relatada no livro de René Marineau.

O Psicodrama vem alcançando um grande número de terapeutas, principalmente no Brasil.


Psychodrama in Action shows Zerka masterfully conducting an actual psychodrama session with a group of experienced psychodrama practitioners. The protagonist “Frank” has been having great difficulty completing his doctoral thesis on psychodrama. Zerka directs him in several powerful scenes, including role reversals with his thesis as well as with his grandfather. Interspersed throughout is voiceover commentary from Zerka explaining her thoughts and rationale for her interventions. This video is certain to become a classic in the field for years to come.

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